They also waste the most money in business. How much do they waste?
Usually, FAR MORE than the annual profits of their employers.

BAD HIRES make irreversible BAD DECISIONS that cost their employers
fortunes. They are also the primary cause of employee TURNOVER – both
from them quitting or being fired . . . and the Good Hires they drive away.

Human Resources cannot solve this PROBLEM using their best hiring
practices. Résumés, phone screening, multiple interviews, personality tests,
and criminal background checks have all failed to eliminate Bad Hires.

Clearly, the deck is stacked against Human Resources. There are not
enough GOOD HIRES to go around . . . and the best hiring practices can't
separate the Good Hires from the Bad Hires.

Everyone competes for the same pool of talent – TOP 25% of workers.
Thus, to win the talent war and avoid Bad Hires, you need FOUR TIMES
your fair share of the best workers. But how do you achieve such a fantastic
result if your leading competitors are using the same best hiring practices?
What is your competitive advantage?

Fifteen years ago, a major breakthrough in Human Psychology led to
a New Hiring Technology that is 100 YEARS AHEAD of the best practices
currently used by Human Resources. With this revolutionary technology,
you can win your unfair share of the best workers and avoid Bad Hires.

This proprietary technology is easy to administer.  It all starts with a
simple 20-minute test that separates the Bad Hires from the Good Hires.
The test is non-discriminatory and has been scientifically-validated 3 ways.

There are NO Questions. Thus, there are NO Answers or LIES that can
manipulate the test results. You simply draw some shapes, write some
numbers, and copy some words. The test is based on your movements.
The technology behind this pre-employment test is an area of psychology
called Behavioral Biometrics.

Prove it to yourself. Take our FREE Blind Test Challenge.
Pick a test group of 15 employees -- 5 top, 5 medium, and 5 bottom performers.
They should all be working in the same position. All we need is a job description.
We will assess the group and identify your top, medium, and bottom performers.
The odds of doing this by chance are 14 million-to-1 against us. The point being,
If we can separate your top performers from your bottom performers now, then
we could have done it before you wasted your valuable time and money hiring,
training, employing, and ultimately replacing your bottom performers.

Our test works because it accurately and efficiently reveals a candidate's
personality traits, their aptitude strengths, and character flaws. Our test allows
us to assess everything from motivation, work skills, energy level, intelligence,
people skills and trustworthiness to loyalty, tenacity, self-confidence, curiosity,
analytical skills, innovative problem-solving, aggressiveness, organizational skills,
negotiation skills, mental quickness, focus, attention-to-details, extroversion and
diplomacy.  The test also lets you avoid job applicants who are prone-to-commit
violence, bullying, sexual harassment, embezzlement, fraud, theft, and sabotage.
No other hiring technology or pre-employment test can do that.

The key to hiring well is knowing what you are looking for. For example,
you probably know a great accountant who would do poorly in sales . . . and
a great salesperson who would do poorly in accounting. The difference in their
talents comes from the difference in their personality traits and aptitudes. If you
follow that to its natural conclusion, every job or position has a specific group
or set of personality traits and aptitude strengths that correlate strongly with
top performance.  We call it a CUSTOM TARGET PROFILE. To hire well, you
need to know what those specific traits and aptitudes are . . . and be able to
accurately assess them. If you can't, you are literally hiring in the blind.

Our Hiring Technology is 100 YEARS AHEAD of the current best practices
because it can accurately define a Custom Target Profile for every type of job
or position. In contrast, the current best hiring practices are unable to accurately
determine a candidate’s psychological profile. As a result, they are unable to
develop a Custom Target Profile of the personality traits and aptitude strengths
that correlate strongly with top performance in the target position. Knowing what
you are looking for and being able to accurately assess that information versus
not being able to . . . is the difference between riding a horse and flying a jet.

How we develop a Custom Target Profile.
For major positions, with lots of workers, we develop Custom Target Profiles by
comparing the assessments of 5-10 top performers with those of 5-10 medium
and 5-10 bottom performers that are currently working in the target position.
For positions with few workers or one-off positions, such as CFO, we use our
database of successful Custom Target Profiles for similar positions as a guide.

Our Technology allows you to clone your most desirable top performers
and avoid the rest. Once the Custom Target Profile is defined, all future job
candidates for the target position can be assessed and rated by how well their
personality traits and aptitude strengths match the Target Profile.

A huge competitive advantage.
Imagine your company is the only one in your business sector that can quickly
see the true value of your job candidates before you interview or hire them.
How big an advantage would that be over your competitors?  How much more
profitable would your company be?  How much faster will your company grow?
Service exclusivity is available to the first major user in each business sector.

Hire the RIGHT PEOPLE for the RIGHT JOBS, and they will usually make the
RIGHT DECISIONS. Hire the wrong people for the wrong jobs, and you will get
Bad Decisions – often irreversible Bad Decisions that will cost you a fortune.

Below are 3 famous examples of BAD DECISIONS that cost a fortune.
20th Century Fox could easily fire the executive who sold the merchandising
rights of Star Wars to George Lucas for $20,000 . . . BUT WHO PAYS for the
tens of billions in profits that 20th Century Fox lost?

Ross Perot could easily fire the executive who advised that a million dollars
was too much to pay for Microsoft . . . BUT WHO PAYS the 100 billion dollars
of market valuation Ross Perot lost?

Western Union could easily fire the executive who rejected the telephone patent
as an “electric toy” . . . BUT WHO PAYS the trillion dollars of market valuation
Western Union lost when the patent was bought up by the young upstart AT&T?

If, as Jack Welch says, “One bad hire can collapse your empire.” . . . then
what damage could 50 Bad Hires, or a 100, or a 1,000, or even 10,000 do?
How many fortunes have you lost due to Bad Decisions made by Bad Hires?

Are you a Fireman?  How much of your time and your management’s time is
spent on putting out the fires that your Bad Hires start? If you feel more like a
fireman than a business leader, we can make running your business fun again
. . . while more than doubling your profits!





An independent, third party, double-blind study conducted by a
world-renowned psychometrician proved that Boston Biometrics
can successfully separate Bottom Performers from Medium and
Top Performers with a probability of 10,000 to 1.   Read More . . .

A different independent, third party, double-blind study conducted
by the same world-renowned psychometrician also proved we can
separate individuals of Medium and Low Character from those of
High Character with a probability of 1,000 to 1.   Read More . . .

A third double-blind study concluded that The Boston Test does<
not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender or age according
to the OFCCP and EEOC guidelines for equality.   Read More . . .


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